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Tea Leaves surrounding a glass of black tea

Different types of Tea Leaves

The 5 types of Tea Leaves Everyone in the UK knows Black Tea and it's the most common type that we Brits drink. Most of us will also be familiar with Green Tea, whether we like it or find it too bitter. Actually, there are 5 types of tea. Black ...
Tea being poured into a tea cup

How to make the perfect cup of tea

There are a lot of personal preferences when it comes to making the perfect cup of tea. However, there are a few universal tips which will improve the taste of your favourite cuppa. Use fresh water Warm your tea pot Use the right amount of tea Temperature of the water ...
Photos shows smoked salmon sandwiches on a vintage china plate

Afternoon Tea Party Charity Fundraiser

An Afternoon Tea Party can make a fabulous charity fundraiser. Fundraising doesn't have to involve running miles in the pouring rain training for a marathon. What better way to support your favourite cause than getting a group of friends together to eat cake and drink tea? We recently held a ...
Cherry Blossom Trio

Colclough Tea Sets – Beautiful Tea Ware

Gorgeous Colclough Tea Set Trio with a Cherry Blossom Pattern When sourcing our Vintage China we come across Colclough Tea Sets again and again. The fabulous colours and exquisite patterns catch the eye before you even look at the makers mark. The beauty of these Colclough Tea Sets mean that ...