Photo shows a plate of sandwiches, flowers, and Prosecco at an Afternoon Tea Party Photos shows smoked salmon sandwiches on a vintage china plate Photo shows a long table with vintage china ready for an Afternoon Tea Party

Weddings can be very costly but Vintage Wedding Hire doesn’t have to be. Actually, Vintage Crockery Hire can be a very good way of getting that stylish Vintage look whatever your budget. It’s a great option for intimate at home wedding parties, Village Halls, Wedding Venues or even a Marquee Wedding.

How much Vintage Wedding Hire will cost does depend on the type of event you are planning , for example if it’s a buffet or a sit-down meal. Even things like the shape of your tables can make a difference. However, let’s give you a starting idea of how much it will cost, and then we can refine exactly what you need for your event.

In our experience, our 3 tier cake stands hold enough scones and cakes for an afternoon tea for 6 people, and our large teapots hold enough for 6 cups of tea. Therefore, we have designed a package which gives you everything you need for 6 people. You get a teapot, milk jug and sugar bowl, 6 tea cups and saucers, 6 side plates, a sandwich plate, a cake stand, tea spoons and cake forks.

Vintage Wedding Hire Guide Prices

  • £120 for 8 sets, which will serve 48 people
  • £200 for 16 sets, which will serve 96 people
  • £240 for 20 sets, which will serve 120 people

We also hire individual items, so if you don’t need everything which comes in our 6 person sets, or need extra items you can order exactly what you require. Have a look at our Hire Prices for individual item prices.

Can I buy it cheaper myself?
There’s no doubt that you can pick up some bargains at charity shops these days. Will you be lucky enough to spot enough bargains to cater for a full wedding, and how long will it take to track down enough? With our prices as low as £2 per person we doubt that you could buy it cheaper. Also, we do the washing up! How do I know how much I need?
Our six person afternoon tea party sets are based on people sitting on long tables, opposite each other. Our page looks at what you’ll need for different table layouts, buffets etc.