Make time for Mum

Tea Leaves surrounding a glass of black tea

Different types of Tea Leaves

The 5 types of Tea Leaves Everyone in the UK knows Black Tea and it’s the most common type that we Brits drink.  Most of us will also be familiar with Green Tea, whether we like it or find it too bitter.  Actually, there are 5 types of tea. Black ...
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Tea being poured into a tea cup

How to make the perfect cup of tea

There are a lot of personal preferences when it comes to making the perfect cup of tea.  However, there are a few universal tips which will improve the taste of your favourite cuppa. Use fresh water Warm your tea pot Use the right amount of tea Temperature of the water ...
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Photos shows smoked salmon sandwiches on a vintage china plate

Afternoon Tea Party Charity Fundraiser

An Afternoon Tea Party can make a fabulous charity fundraiser.  Fundraising doesn’t have to involve running miles in the pouring rain training for a marathon. What better way to support your favourite cause than getting a group of friends together to eat cake and drink tea? We recently held a ...
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Cherry Blossom Trio

Colclough Tea Sets – Beautiful Tea Ware

Gorgeous Colclough Tea Set Trio with a Cherry Blossom Pattern When sourcing our Vintage China we come across Colclough Tea Sets again and again.  The fabulous colours and exquisite patterns catch the eye before you even look at the makers mark.  The beauty of these Colclough Tea Sets mean that ...
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Make time for Mum

It’s that time of year again when the battle is on to find an innovative way to let our mum’s know how much we appreciate all that they do for us.  Every year the TV ads start as soon as the other money making merry-go-round that is Valentine’s Day is over.  The commercials suggest that we have to spend lots of pennies to make our mums happy.  How true is that?

Ask any Mum, and I have tried this out on Mothers of different ages, and the answer always seems to involve the word “time”.  Be it time to chill out, time together as a family, or just time off from the housework, mums want time not material things.

In an age when most of us are time poor, it doesn’t seem to much of a surprise that this is what most mums want.  Although, with the adverts make us feel guilty if we haven’t spent a fortune, it isn’t necessary.  So long as there has been thought and a bit of planning, you can show your mum just how much you appreciate her without breaking the piggy bank.

Simple things go a long way:

  • Bake a cake for her, and make her a cuppa.  If you aren’t Mary Berry in the kitchen, you can just buy her favourite cake or packet of biscuits.  The important thing is that you show you have thought ahead, know what she likes, and have taken the time to plan a nice day.
  • Buy a bath bomb and a couple of candles and run her a lovely bath to relax in.  This will probably work best if you take the time to clean the bathroom first so that she isn’t looking round making a mental note of jobs that still need doing.
  • There is a lot to be said for a family day out together.  It doesn’t really matter where it is, a day at the zoo or just a trip to the park.  The key is in the planning.  Think about what you’ll need, such as wellies, snacks for the kids or bread to feed the ducks, and get everything organised before suggesting the trip.  I don’t mean ask her 5 mins before you are due to go where the kids wellies are!

A well planned day which shows how well you know her likes and have put thought into how to give her a stress free day, will be more appreciated than an ill conceived present which costs a lot.

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